Plans are nothing, planning is everything.

It's time to feel confident about your birth.

Even the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. Because it's all going to happen whether you like it or not.

- Dwight D. Einsenhower

Looking for a childbirth class you will LOVE?

Hospital classes are a dime a dozen, impersonal and even mechanical.

With the amount of information and paralyzing advice that is thrown at you, it's no wonder you may be looking for a more personalized approach.

The courses you can take with me are centered around empowerment and building your toolkit for a better birth experience.
We 100% want to you to feel confident and informed with this next phase and we can help you do just that.

I'm Ready!

I'm a birth + postpartum coach, and I can help you with all the lies your brain tells you.

Hey love, I'm Ali.

Do you want to head into your final weeks of pregnancy feeling good about your birth, knowing you have the tools to advocate for yourself and you are making the best decisions for your family?

It IS possible and I can teach you how!

Interested in Childbirth Education?
Here's what you can expect:

Physiology + Comfort measures

Understand the stages of labor and the physical process of birth 

Create a birth philosophy & postpartum plan

Learn and put into practice what we discuss in class

be in community

Connect and learn with families just like you!


Virtual or in person Class sessions


Guided prenatal + postpartum curriculum


Printed resources +
take home materials

Everything included:

Understanding options + advocacy skills

Encouraging partner involvement

Plus, these bonuses!

Supporting informed decision-making

mental health + self-care planning 

"Ali was an amazing doula to us. This was our first child plus it was during COVID. She was always there to answer our questions but always went a step further and gave us information we would have never known about."  

— Shannon & Leo

"I seriously don't know how people give birth without a doula. Ali was there every step of the way and knew exactly what I needed in the moment. Even when we got home, she made sure I was rested, feed, or both and it was a huge help to us."

— Gemma & Nate

Ready, Set, Thrive: Essentials for the first 10 days Postpartum workshop


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Birth with Purpose 4 week Virtual Childbirth Class
virtual series


Learn your P.A.T.H. to a better birth, become confident in your choices and be prepared for the "choose-your-own-adventure" that is birth. 


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you already took the hospital class?

I get it - it's free and convenient. But did you walk away feeling empowered?

When you take a childbirth class with me you will enjoy a personalized educational experience so you can feel better and knowledgeable without overwhelm. 

Because overthinking and perinatal anxiety is a thing - trust me: I’ve learned the hard way.

Raise your hand if...

Want classes for Free?

I'm in!

Hire me as your doula after a discovery call to get the support and education you deserve.

Remember - you won't be pregnant for long. But postpartum is forever.


It all starts with you.
Let's call out the major energy sucks swirling in your thoughts and tackle the fears head on.


Prep early and pivot often.
Get informed every step of the way with resources to navigate everything that comes your way confidently.


Breathe and heal.
Grief is not reserved for only death and we need to surrender our expectations to live our best life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a private class?

Absolutely! You do not have to take a group class. Please reach out to schedule your private class.

what's the difference between your classes

The EBB class is a fully virtual class experience with access to 3 months of online videos and EBB handouts. Your Birthing day is an in person class scheduled for one day in Beaverton, OR.

I'm not in Oregon. Can I still take your class.

100%! I have taught families in California, the East Coast, and even Brazil with the virtual EBB class.

When will the postpartum class be available?

We are launching our Postpartum Course in April.

Can I hire you as a doula too?

Yeppers! And if you hire me as your doula, you get to pick which class you want to take with me!


Postpartum with Purpose™

An online class + resources to help you navigate your 4th trimester from day 1 through the first year. 
  • Encourage rest and recovery
  • Build your post birth support team
  • Parent with confidence    
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a postpartum masterclass