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I can help you with all the lies your brain tells you.

My story

Believe me, I had to learn how to do it the hard way for myself, and I want it to be easier for you.

So I'm here to show you how.

In 2015, I gave birth to my first born after a seamlessly easy first pregnancy (not one lick of morning sickness!) and the unmedicated (short) birth. But nothing could prepare me for bringing him home...

I had a hard postpartum experience - breastfeeding was challenging, no friends or support system (we were new to the Florida Keys and all of our family was in Ohio), and we slowly discovered over the first few months that my son was allergic to practically everything in my breastmilk landing us in the hospital more times than we ever expected.

My struggles with motherhood, nursing, and ultimately postpartum depression, lead me to want to help new parents so they knew they were not alone and if they had the right support in place, they could be successful in their new role as a parent.

Over the years of supporting and educating families, I've had the honor of helping parents prepare not only for birth, but to build the foundation to their families and create the birth and parenting experience they deserve.  

I'm a Coffee lover

I run on coffee + chaos. I love my morning routine with Nessy, my Nespresso maker.

Fun Facts About Me

I talk in movie

One of the movies I have on repeat is The Devil Wears Prada - groundbreaking.

shopping is my cardio

The dopamine high from the sales I will find keeps me coming back for more.

I live for the sun

If I'm not asleep or working, I'm finding ways to be outside and soak up Vitamin D.

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